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Proyectos Exitosos

Eco-friendly Bamboo Sunglasses with Recycled Boxes

One of the coolest projects that we have ever done! When sustainability meets fashion, it's pretty SHADY!

Fine Artisan Chocolate Insulated Tyvek Bag for Product Transportation

In this project, we managed to combine Tyvek fiber and insulated aluminum foam to prevent chocolate bars to melt during transport.

High Quality Souvenir in Honor of Nicaraguan Culture

These are some of the high quality souvenirs that we designed, available exclusively in selected shops and tourist attractions.

Locally-sourced Bamboo Fiber Applications

Our team in Nicaragua had the chance to train local bamboo artisans to make essential restaurant supplies out of locally-sourced bamboo.

Premium Cosmetics Products Start-up

For exclusive and high-end packaging, we provide solutions such as these Made in Taiwan face masks, with our very own brand.

Regional Automobile Dealer Exclusive Giveaways

This specific automobile brand has been the synonym of perfection and status since forever. Only the most classic designs can match its vibe.

Security Company Image Change-up

Security firms project safety and confidence. These are the accessories and woven patches that we came up with.

Specialty Nicaraguan Coffee Shop Eco-Packaging

In this particular case, we managed to work with a Nicaraguan specialty coffee farm and its chain of coffee shops. We made the packaging prettier and more eco-friendly!

Spirit Brand Premium Concept Accessory

Exhibiting a worldwide brand by wearing it. In this project we resized the client's best selling product and brand name into wearable accessories.

Sustainable Cocktail Materials

Innovative material with cocktail & beverages? Why not? Here are some of the kits that we developed with our world wide famous client!

World Famous Automobile Brand Crossover Plate Holder

Being able to work with such brands is one of the reasons why we love what we do!

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