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High Quality Souvenir in Honor of Nicaraguan Culture

These are some of the high quality souvenirs that we designed, available exclusively in selected shops and tourist attractions.

This project occurred while part of our managing team had the opportunity to experience and live out the "Nicaraguan Life" between 2017 and 2021.

Being able to actually get familiar with the local culture made us decide to design a series of souvenirs in honor of it.

The horse face figure is called "El Güegüense", which originated from a traditional theatre act and is considered as one of the most important symbols of Nicaraguan culture.

In this particular case, we located the same image of "El Güegüense" into three different high quality products. A Keychain, a bottle opener and a sunglasses set.

All these products are hot-selling items national-wide and we have to restock every now and then!

Interested in designing your own souvenirs or accessories? Contact us clicking the button below.

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