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Specialty Coffee from Nicaragua to Taiwan

It's a win-win. With our partners in coffee-productive regions, we exported raw coffee beans directly.

Nicaragua is known for its abundant natural resources, such as gold, coffee beans and cocoa. We had the chance to work with experienced coffee exporters and connect them with our clients in Taiwan, win-win for everyone.

In this particular project, we had to work our way through a long list of sanitary inspections, comply with local government requirements, as well as logistics coordinations in order to smoothly deliver the cargo to its destination without delay. Our ground team in both countries were outstanding in their professional knowledge and responsiveness whenever a party had uncertainties or issues.

Coffee is one of the most important economic product in global commerce nowadays. No matter where you are, if you are interested in sourcing quality coffee beans, we have a database of reliable suppliers in the CA4 region. Contact us with the button below.

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