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Specialty Nicaraguan Coffee Shop Eco-Packaging

In this particular case, we managed to work with a Nicaraguan specialty coffee farm and its chain of coffee shops. We made the packaging prettier and more eco-friendly!

Specialty coffee is an ongoing business for coffee lovers for ages. In this project, we had the chance to assist in sourcing and redesigning the image and packaging of one of the most famous coffee shop and brand of Central America.

"Selección Nicaragüense" means Nicaraguan Selection in Spanish. With a family-owned coffee farm, they not only export and supply for the North American coffee industry, they also own several coffee shops in the country.

With their award-winning coffee, our job was to find suitable packaging and restaurant materials. As you can observe in the images below, we managed to source out the most cost effective coffee pouches and cups with an exclusive touch in brand colors and exclusiveness.

If you are looking to improve your products' packaging and visual effects, feel free to tell us all about your ideas and let us source it out for you! Click the button below and contact us!

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